Application forms

The Federal Ministry of the Interior provides you with forms for applying for documentation for EEA citizens, Swiss citizens and their family members, and residence permits for third-country nationals. There is an explanation for the application form for residence permits for third-country nationals for each purpose of residence. This corresponds to the number on the form for residence permits. This has been deliberately written in simple language. The text in simple language is only intended to inform you. At the end of the declaration you will find a list of documents and certificates to be attached to the application (German version - Antragsformulare – Here you can find the application forms and explanations in German language).

The text of the law is the legally binding text. This means that you cannot derive any rights from the declaration in simple language.

Some settlement authorities also provide their own forms on their homepage. It is not obligatory to use an application form, but it makes it easier to process the application.

Under point E. you will find a power of attorney that you can use if you want to be represented by a person in your procedure for obtaining a residence title or for issuing documentation.

Application forms

A. Documentation for EEA citizens, Swiss citizens and their family members

For applications for a registration certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung), photo identity card for EEA nationals (Lichtbildausweises für EWR-Bürger), residence card for relatives of EEA nationals (Aufenthaltskarte), certificate of permanent residence (Bescheinigung des Daueraufenthalts), permanent residence card for relatives of EEA nationals (Daueraufenthaltskarte).

B. Residence permits for third-country nationals

Here you will find the relevant explanation of the application form for requesting a

(1) Red-White-Red – Card (210,6 KB) 
(2) Red-White-Red – Card plus (184,4 KB) 
(3) EU Blue Card (162,1 KB) 
(4) Settlement Permit (184,7 KB) 
(5) Settlement Permit – Gainful Employment Excepted (185,4 KB) 
(6) Settlement Permit – Dependent (190,7 KB) 
(7) Long-term Resident – EU (182,8 KB) 
(8) Residence Permit – Family Member (from a person with Austrian citizenship) (183,1 KB) 
(9) Settlement Permit – Artist (185,7 KB) 
(10) Settlement Permit – Special Cases of Gainful Employment (183,5 KB) 
(11) Settlement Permit – Researcher (188,7 KB) 
(12) Stay Permit – Intra-Corporate Transferee („ICT“) (188 KB) 
(13) Stay Permit – Mobile Intra-Corporate Transferee ("mobile ICT") (187 KB) 
(14) Stay Permit – Seconded Employee (186,8 KB) 
(15) Stay Permit – Self-employed person (182,9 KB) 
(16) Stay Permit – Researcher-mobility (189,8 KB) 
(17) Stay Permit – Special Cases of Gainful Employment (193,3 KB) 
(18) Stay Permit – Pupil (198,6 KB) 
(19) Stay Permit – Student (206,1 KB) 
(20) Stay Permit – Social Service Employee (190,5 KB) 
(21) Stay Permit – Volunteers (189,7 KB) 
(22) Stay Permit – Family Reunification (185,8 KB) 

For some residence titles a declaration of Guarantee (Haftungserklärung) is possible. You can download a form here.

For the Settlement Permit – researcher a Hosting Agreement (Aufnahmevereinbarung) is required. You can download a form here.

An employer's declaration (Arbeitgebererklärung) is required for certain residence titles. You can download a form here.


D. Reissuance of a residence permit or documentation

E. Power of Attorney

F. Accommodation Agreement