Residence permit student

The residence permit "student" entitles the holder to stay in Austria to attend school. Gainful employment is only possible if the education as the primary purpose of residence is not impaired and if an employment permit is issued. The AMS  is responsible for applications of employment permits.

The residence permit "student" is usually issued for 12 months. You can find more information on the validity period of residence permits here.

Who can receive a residence permit "student"?

In addition to proof of fulfillment of the general conditions for granting the residence permit, attendance at a tertiary educational institution as a student is required.

The residence permit "student" can be granted for

  • regular studies at
    • a university
    • a university of applied sciences
    • an accredited private university
    • a teacher training college or recognized private teacher training college.
  • Extraordinary studies
    • within the framework of a university course
    • a course of study at a university of applied sciences or
    • a university course which
      • either comprises at least 40 ECTS credits and the sole purpose is not the teaching of a language, or
      • prepares for a supplementary examination prescribed in the admission decision o to establish the equivalence of the foreign degree (Nostrifikation)
  • the attendance of individual courses, if an extraordinary study program has been successfully completed and an admission or aptitude procedure can only be completed in the following semester for reasons for which the applicant is not responsible
  • when attending professional training required by law for the exercise of the profession after completing a regular course of study.

After legal entry and during legal residence, a residence permit "student" can be applied for in Austria.

What are the requirements for a residence permit “student"?

The general and special conditions for the granting of a residence permit must be fulfilled, except for the requirement of locally customary accommodation. This is not applicable.

Further information on the general requirements can be found here. You will find a list of the necessary documents in the respective application form.

What do I have to consider when applying for the extension of a residence permit "student"?

In order for a residence permit “student” to be granted, a successful continuation of studies in the previous academic year must be shown when extending the permit. Students must therefore seriously dedicate themselves to their studies.

Is it possible to be mobile within the EU? What are the rules?

Yes. On the basis of the residence permit "student" you can study in other EU member states under certain conditions. You can find more information on the EU Immigration Portal  or inquire in the country of your planned mobility.

What are the options for staying in Austria after successfully completing the studies?

The residence permit can be extended once for 12 months for the purpose of looking for work or founding a company, if the general conditions for granting the permit are still fulfilled.

A change of the purpose of residence after the job search/foundation of a company is only possible for the following purposes of residence:

Can family members get a residence permit in Austria?

Yes. Family members can apply for a residence permit “family unity”.