Red-White-Red Card

With the "red white red card", Austria has created a flexible immigration system that enables qualified workers from third countries to immigrate to Austria on a permanent basis.

The "red white red card" entitles the holder to settle and work for a certain employer or to be self-employed. It is usually issued for 24 months. You can find more information on the validity period of residence permits here.

Anyone who belongs to one of the following groups of persons can receive a "red white red card":

  • Especially highly qualified persons
  • Skilled workers in short supply occupations
  • Other key personnel Graduates of an Austrian university
  • Regular Workers in Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry
  • Independent key employees
  • Start-up Founder

Family members of holders of a "red white red card" holder can be granted a "red white red card plus". This gives them the right of residence and free access to the labor market in Austria.

More detailed information on the requirements and the procedure can be found on the federal migration platform ( ).