CBRN Competence Center

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The CBRN Competence Center is the central point of contact within the Federal Ministry of the Interior for all concerns relating to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards. Furthermore, the CBRN-CC is the training facility for specialised functions such as Radiation Protection and HazMat experts.

The Department II/DSU/2.6 is responsible for the following areas:

Training of emergency response personnel for hazard prevention and immediate response to radiological emergencies and other events related to radiation sources.

The CBRN-CC is the central training institution for the executive special service ‘Radiation Protection’ and the emergency response personnel for radiological emergencies of the Federal Police.
The training of the emergency response personnel is carried out in three one-week modules and consists of:

  • Basic Radiation Protection Course
  • Advanced Radiation Protection Course I Including the Bronze Achievement Badge
  • Advanced Radiation Protection Course II Including the Silver Achievement Badge

Upon successful completion of all training levels, the Radiation Protection Officer is recognized as an emergency responder.

The training meets the requirements of the Intervention Regulation 2020 and is certified according to ÖNORM S 5207.

Further training of emergency response teams for hazard prevention and immediate measures in the event of radiation accidents, as well as specialised training in gamma aero radiometry (radiation detection from the air).

The CBRN-CC organises the legally required annual 16-hour training for emergency responders, consisting of theory and practice, for about 500 police emergency responders throughout Austria. Upon completion of the training, police emergency responders can take part in the specialised training "Gamma aero radiometry" on the detection of radiation sources from an aircraft. Radiation protection officer training is also offered to all law enforcement officers who use radiation generators (X-ray machines).

  • Annual training cources
  • Specialised training in gamma aero radiometry
  • Radiation protection officer training course

Training and further education of personnel in the special service for police actions in CBRN hazards.

The training and further education for Hazardous Materials Experts (GKO) are conducted by the CBRN-CC throughout Austria. GKO are designated to maintain police operational capability in environments potentially contaminated with CBRN substances and are called upon for their specialised role when required.

  • Basic Training for Hazardous Materials Experts (GKO)
  • 4-day Refresher Training
  • 2-day Refresher Training
  • 1-day Refresher Training
  • Maintenance Officer Training

Organising and participating in international events and networking at international level.

In the International Affairs department of the CBRN-CC, the focus lies on international exchanges with organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the European Union (EU).

The main objective is to maintain international knowledge for technology, training, and departmental expertise at a globally competitive level.

Collaboration with these international stakeholders leads to the exchange of best practices, identification of current hazards and threats, and sharing of existing solutions or development of new innovative solutions. Regular meetings, conferences, and projects enable us to stay up-to-date with international developments.

Current partnerships:

IAEA: Capacity Building Centres on Emergency
Preparedness and Response (CBC-EPR)
International Network for Education and Training for Emergency
Preparedness and Response (iNET-EPR)
EU: European Network of CBRN Training Centers (eNOTICE)
Civil Protection Mechanism
European Platform on Preparedness for Nuclear and
Radiological Emergency Response and Recovery (NERIS)
WHO: Liaison Institution Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness
and Assistance Network (REMPAN)

The department also provides the CBRN Central Officer and the CBRN Security Advisor of the CBRN Security Advisory Group of the European Commission.

CBRN Competence Center