Austrian Civilian Police



General requirements:

  • Police officer on active service
  • Disciplinary integrity
  • Suitability in terms of skills, personality and health
  • Definitive service status
  • Applications from females are especially welcomed

Special requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of a foreign language (English – Selection exam)
  • Positive completion of the "pre-deployment" course incl. A-HEAT 


  • General invitation for AE takes place once a calendar year
  • Applications only possible upon this invitation
  • Application forms are attached to this invitation resp. maybe downloaded from the Intranet (Link: Bewerbungsformular/Application form)
  • Applications shall be submitted through service channels. An opinion by intermediary superiors about suitability/unsuitability for deployments abroad in terms of skills and personality is required.

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Before being delegated to a mission, a training course has to be passed successfully. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The course itself shall be held in English language only.

Theory training (Abstract of the curriculum):

  • Mission organisations (UN, EU, OSCE)
  • Mandate (range of functions) of the civilian police
  • Techniques for the fulfilment of tasks - monitoring, mentoring
  • Psychologically relevant areas (e.g. stress management)
  • Human rights (incl. children´s rights)
  • Gender issues
  • Internal rules of missions („Standard Operation Procedure“)
  • Security aspects (e.g. knowledge of mines)
  • Intercultural aspects
  • Exertion of coercive power
  • Orientation (GPS)
  • First aid

Practical training:

  • Role plays
  • Deployment tactics
  • First aid
  • Training on ATV (all terrain-vehicles)
  • Orientation

Ausbildung am Kletterturm - Abseilübung
Foto: ©  BMI
Hindernisparcours - Überwinden von Seilleitern
Foto: ©  BMI
Hindernisparcours - Balancieren
Foto: ©  BMI
Orientierungsübung - Kartenstudium
Foto: ©  BMI
Erste-Hilfe Übung - Beamtmen
Foto: ©  BMI
Unterricht - Lehrsaal
Foto: ©  BMI

The practical part of the training course is the European Union certified HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training), which is needed for deployment in an EU-Mission.

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Enquiries and suggestions may be directed by e-mail to the mailbox of the department for deployments abroad.

Federal Ministry of the Interior
Directorate General  for Public Security
Departement II/BPD/6
Unit II/BPD/6/b - International Missions and Operations
Herrengasse 7
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone +43-(0)1-53 126 - 3638

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Austrian Civilian Police