Residence permit family unity

Family members of persons who are in possession of certain residence permits for Austria can be granted a residence permit "family unity". It entitles the holder to stay in Austria. The pursuit of gainful employment is only permitted after obtaining a permit from the AMS.

The period of validity of the residence permit "family unity" depends on the period of validity of the sponsors residence permit.

Further information on the general validity of residence permits can be found here.

Who can receive a residence permit "family unity"?

Family members of persons who have certain residence permits can obtain this residence permit.

Family members within the meaning of this provision are:

  • spouses and registered partners provided both spouses or partners are 21 years of age or older and
  • unmarried minor children (also adopted children and stepchildren)

The sponsor, who wants to move his family to Austria, must have one of the following residence permits:

  • "ICT"
  • "mobile ICT"
  • residence permit „special cases of gainful employment“ (Sonderfälle unselbstständiger Erwerbstätigkeit)
  • „student“ (Student)

Sponsoring family reunification is not possible for the holders of these residence permits:

  • „pupil“ (Schüler)
  • „self-employed“ (Selbstständiger)
  • „social service worker“ (Sozialdienstleistender)
  • „seconded employee“ (Betriebsentsandter)
  • Au Pairs holding a resident permit „special cases of gainful employment” (Sonderfälle unselbständiger Erwerbstätigkeit)

What are the requirements for a residence permit “family unity"?

The general and special conditions for the granting of a residence permit must be fulfilled.

Further information on the general requirements can be found here. You will find a list of the necessary documents in the respective application form.