Residence permit „researcher – mobility“

The residence permit "researcher – mobility" entitles the holder to stay as a researcher on the basis of a residence permit as researcher issued by another EU member state.

As a rule, the residence permit "researcher – mobility" is issued for the duration of the research activity, but no longer than the expiration date of the "researcher" residence title of the other member state. You can find more general information on the validity period of residence permits here.

Who can receive a residence permit "researcher – mobility”?

The residence permit "researcher – mobility" can be granted,

Anyone who holds a "Researcher" residence permit from another member state can apply for the granting of a "researcher - mobility" residence permit in Austria.

What are the requirements for a residence permit “researcher – mobility"?

The general and special conditions for the granting of a residence permit must be fulfilled, except for the requirement of locally customary accommodation. This is not applicable.

Further information on the general requirements can be found here. You will find a list of the necessary documents in the respective application form.

Is there a maximum time a residence permit “researcher – mobility” can be extended?

Yes. An extension of the residence permit „researcher – mobility“ is possible for a stay of up to two years in Austria.

Can family members get a residence permit in Austria?

Yes. Family members can apply for a residence permit “family unity”.