Residence permit „seconded employee“

The residence permit "seconded employee" entitles the holder to a temporary stay and work if a corresponding work permit issued by the AMS is available.

The residence permit "seconded employee" is usually issued for 12 months. You can find more information on the validity period of residence permits here.

Who can receive a residence permit "seconded employee"?

A residence permit „seconded employee“ can be granted if

  • security certificate or an employment permit as a seconded employee can be presented, or
  • one of the following cases exists:
    • an employee who is sent by a foreign group company to the headquarters in Austria for no longer than 50 weeks on the basis of a qualified internal training and further training program within an international group of companies or
    • a qualified employee, who is obliged by an internationally active employer to act as a manager, to undergo in-house training and further training and to rotate with regard to the place of employment and who is not sent to a branch office in Austria belonging to the same company or group of companies for longer than 24 months or
    • a representative of foreign interest groups whose employment contract provides for rotations with regard to the place of employment or
    • an employee who is sent or provided to Austria by a company with its registered office in another member state of the EEA to perform temporary work.

What are the requirements for a residence permit “seconded employee"?

The general and special conditions for the granting of a residence permit must be fulfilled.

Further information on the general requirements can be found here. You will find a list of the necessary documents in the respective application form.

Can family members get a residence permit in Austria?

No. There is no possibility of family reunification with the holder of a residence permit “seconded employee”.