Residence permit „ICT“

The residence permit "ICT" entitles the holder to a temporary stay in Austria for employment within a specific company or group of companies for a maximum of one to three years.

The residence permit "ICT" is usually issued for 12 months. You can find more information about the validity of residence permits here.

Who can receive a residence permit "ICT"?

The residence permit "ICT" can be issued to

  • Managers: managers of the branch or a department of the branch
  • Specialists: Skilled workers with special knowledge for the branch and high qualification level or specific technical knowledge
  • Trainees: University graduates whose professional development is being promoted or who receive further training in industry-specific, technical or methodological areas.

The residence permit is issued for a maximum stay of three years or one year for trainees in the Schengen area.

After this period, the ICT must leave the Schengen area. The residence permit "ICT" (employees transferred within the company) must always be applied for abroad. However, an application in Austria can be made by the employer.

What are the requirements for a residence permit “ICT"?

The general and special conditions for the granting of a residence permit must be fulfilled, except for the requirement of locally customary accommodation. This is not applicable.

Further information on the general requirements can be found here. You will find a list of the necessary documents in the respective application form.

The residence authority involves the Public Employment Service (AMS) in the procedure for examining the special requirements. In a one-stop-shop procedure, the residence authority is the point of contact for the applicant. The AMS checks whether the conditions for employment as an ICT are met.

If all requirements are met, the AMS sends a confirmation to the residence authority.

The residence authority checks whether the general requirements are met. If this is the case, the residence permit can be issued.

Can family members get a residence permit in Austria?

Yes. Family members can apply for a residence permit “family unity”.

Is it possible to be mobile within the EU? What are the rules?

Yes. On the basis of the residence permit "ICT" you can work as an ICT in other EU member states under certain conditions. You can find more information on the EU Immigration Portal  or inquire in the country of your planned mobility.

If you are planning to move to Austria from another member state, you can find more information here.