Documents required when applying for a residence permit

For the granting of a residence permit, the following documents must be submitted to prove that the general conditions for granting the permit have been fulfilled. In addition, documents for the respective purpose of residence must be submitted. These are listed in the annex to the application forms.

  • Valid travel document:
    Please note: The travel document must show the applicant’s current name, i.e. after marriage or divorce a new travel document may be required. Please take into account the time required for applying for and issuing the new travel document, when making plans to apply for a residence permit.
    This requirement does not apply to the first application of a child, who is a third-country national within six months of birth, if the child does not yet have a valid travel document.
  • Current passport photo
    The photo must not be older than 6 months at the time of the decision. It must meet the criteria for a passport photo (2,02 MB) in the format 45 mm x 35 mm.
  • If applicable:
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificate of divorce
    • Partnership certificate
    • Deed of dissolution of the registered partnership
    • Certificate of adoption
    • Proof or document of the family relationship
    • Death certificate
  • Proof of locally customary accommodation
    Proof can be provided by tenancy or sub-tenancy agreements, preliminary contracts or proof of ownership.
    Proof of accommodation is not required for the granting of the residence permits “red white red card”, "blue card", "Student", "ICT", "mobile ICT", „settlement permit“ for extended family members of EEA nationals or Swiss nationals, "settlement permit researcher", "researcher-mobility" and for the family members of holders of a "researcher-mobility", if they have already resided in the other Member State with the researcher. However, the cost of accommodation shall be taken into account in the calculation of available income.
  • Proof Health insurance
    The proof is not required in a case of statutory compulsory insurance. In the case of voluntary social security insurance, proof is required. Health insurance can also be provided by an appropriate insurance policy (covering all risks).
  • Proof of income (sustenance)
    The proof is possible by presenting pay slips, wage confirmations, service contracts, confirmations of pension, retirement or other insurance benefits, proof of investment capital or own assets in a sufficient amount.
    Proof of receipt of social benefits, to which a claim would only arise through the granting of a residence permit, is not suitable. These are in particular social welfare benefits or the equalization supplement.
    You can find more detailed information in the Unterhaltsbroschüre (481,1 KB) (available only in German). When applying for a red-white-red – card („Rot-Weiß-Rot – Karte“) or blue card („Blaue Karte – EU“), proof of sufficient income is not required.
  • In case of renewal applications proof of fulfilment of module 1 of the integration agreement if applicable

For the first-time application of a residence permit, the following documents must also be submitted:

If required by the authorities, you must also present additional documents.

Many authorities require, for example, the submission of a current police clearance certificate from the applicant's home country or country of previous habitual residence as part of an initial application. A current self-disclosure from the records of a creditor protection association (for example Kreditschutzverband - KSV 1870 Information GmbH) is also often required. The presentation of these documents already at the time of application will contribute to the acceleration of the procedure.

The documents must always be submitted in original and copy.

Certificates and documents that are not in German have to be submitted in a translation into German if requested by the authority or professional representation authority. Most authorities will accept documents in English.

At the request of the authority, the applicant must present certificates and evidence in certified form. Please note that, depending on the country in which the documents were issued, certification may take some time. Please enquire in good time about the requirements in the issuing state or at the Austrian embassy.

The Ministry of the Interior and many authorities provide application forms. An application form is not mandatory, but it makes it easier to process the application.