Residence purposes for third-country nationals

Residence permits for third-country nationals are only issued for a specific purpose.

The most important residence purposes are residence permits for work/employment, residence permits for family reunification and residence permits for educational purposes. The residence permit "long term resident – EU" is intended for third-country nationals who are long-term residents in Austria.

A residence permit can only ever be granted if the conditions for granting it are met. General requirements for granting are always required. Information on the special requirements for granting a residence permit, which are different for each residence permit, can be found on the subpage for each residence permit. There you will also find information about access to the labour market.

Residence permits for work/employment

Residence permits for family reunification

Whether and which residence permit family members can obtain depends primarily on the residence permit of the reunifying family member in Austria. In particular, the following residence permits are likely to relevant:

Residence permits for educational purposes

Residence permit under the Withdrawal Agreement (BREXIT)

Residence permits for other reasons

Residence permit for long-term settlement in Austria

On the migration platform of the federal government ( ) you will find a Quick Check, which will guide you to the right residence permit with just a few questions.

If the Settlement and Residence Act does not contain a suitable residence permit (purpose) for the planned stay, immigration under the Settlement and Residence Act is not possible.