Civil Protection in Austria

Children's Safety "Olympics" "SAFETY-Tour"

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In the year 2000, the Austrian Civil Protection Association (ÖZSV), together with the nine regional organizations, introduced the nationwide program, Children’s Safety “Olympics” “SAFETY-Tour”. The goal of this safety event is to familiarize third- and fourth-graders in a playful manner with important topics in civil protection and self-protection. With the SAFETY-Tour,  at an early age children learn what to do in emergencies. The SAFETY-Tour combines practical exercises from civil and self-protection with sports and fun. In this way, children better memorize their gained knowledge.

With the SAFETY-Tour the Austrian Civil Protection Association  (ÖZSV) intends to communicate the concept of prevention to children in elementary school, teachers, and parents, and to strengthen the public awareness in Austria. Yearly, the SAFETY-Tour competitions take place in each of the nine provinces. After these initial rounds and the finals in the nine provinces, the “safest elementary-school class” is determined in a nationwide final competition.